What You Can Do to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

There are many techniques you can try to overcome premature ejaculation (PE):

  • The breathing method
  • The squeeze method
  • Wearing a condom
  • Experimenting with different sexual positions
  • Desensitizing creams and gels
  • Pelvic muscle exercises
  • Testicular restraints and penis ring
  • Herbal supplement therapy

1. The Breathing Method:
Believe it or not, simply breathing deeply and relaxing your body during sexual activity can help.This works best for PE that is caused by psychological factors like anxiety or tension. Some men can benefit by thinking of other subjects to delay climax, though results from this technique are varied.

2. The Squeeze Method:
This technique is about gently squeezing the base or end of the penile and halting sexual stimulation until the urge to climax passes.

3. Wearing a condom:
Condoms can reduce sensation in addition to protecting against sexually transmitted diseases. They also make effective contraceptives without having to rely on disrupting his partner’s natural hormonal cycles, though there is the concern for latex allergies.

4. Different sexual positions:
Changing sexual positions during lovemaking can definitely help in delaying orgasm, as taking the time to try different sexual positions forces a slower reaction time.

5. Desensitizing cream:
Desensitizing cream works by deadening the sensation felt by men during intercourse. Although it does delay climax for many men, it comes with the unfortunate side effect most of making sex less pleasurable, with the dulling effects spreading to the man’s sexual partner as well.

6. Pelvic muscle exercise:
The pelvic muscle is involved in the ejaculation process, which is the muscle responsible for forcing the seminal or ejaculate fluid from the prostate gland. Practicing controlling this muscle with regular exercise can help gain control over his premature ejaculation. Just simply “flex” the pelvic muscle as if you are holding back from or stopping urination. Hold it for about three to five seconds, relax for about three seconds, and repeat.

7.Testicular restraint and penis rings:
Restraining the testicles from moving during intercourse can help some men from climaxing too soon. Although some found it uncomfortable or too much hassle (the added discomfort is the main reason orgasm is delayed), testicular restraint is generally safe. Penis rings or bands can also stop PE in some men, with the stretchy rubber ring doing the squeezing at the base of the penis. Some men, however, feel slight discomfort when wearing the ring, and if worn often enough, can result in damage to the urethra. While lasting longer in bed is an important consideration for improving your sex life, it is unclear (and maybe counterproductive) to introduce needless pain and suffering just to delay climaxing.

8. Herbal Therapy:
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