Tips To Help Remedy Impotence Naturally

Are you suffering from impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED), but you’re not sure what to do about it? Perhaps the embarrassment is stopping you from seeking help and you feel resigned to your condition. But there is hope. You can try these simple tips to help naturally cure your impotence before you consider taking pharmaceuticals.

Ask your doctor about the possible side effects of the medication you are currently taking: Many medications, both prescription and over the counter, can contribute to ED, such as: blood pressure drugs, antihistamines, antidepressants, tranquilizers, appetite suppressants, and certain ulcer drugs. If impotence is one of the confirmed side effects of the medication you are taking, ask your doctor if you can be prescribed an alternative that doesn’t have ED as a side effect.

Don’t obsess about the last time: Suffering from an occasional bout of impotence is normal for men of all ages. Certain habits or situations, such as drinking too much alcohol or enduring a lot of stress throughout the day, can contribute to momentary ED. Over-thinking and stressing over the last instance of ED can only create more of the anxiety that contributed to the last incident in the first place. Worrying excessively over something that already happened won’t make things better, and stressing about it won’t reverse the past.

Vary your sexual routine: Trying different sexual positions and settings can help you let go of the past.

Just Relax: Sex is an intimate act to be enjoyed, it’s not a test that’s supposed to make or break you. Focus on your partner instead so you don’t have time to obsess over your performance.

Don’t keep it all inside: Romantic and marital issues can add to the stress and anxiety, making you more prone to suffering from impotence. It may help to discuss your feelings or any lingering resentments with your partner.

Discuss what you like: Sometimes, couples don’t communicate enough about what they like or turns them on. Talking about sex can be a turn on and may be what breaks the sexual doldrums. Don’t assume your partner can read your mind, and don’t assume they can read yours as well.

Don’t get hammered before sex: Getting too drunk can lead to erectile dysfunction. However, if your partner is too drunk, any embarrassment will cancel out since no one will remember anyway. That said, sex is supposed to be an enjoyable activity, not something to be forgotten like a bad date or dream.

See your doctor to determine if your ED is physical or psychological: If your doctor has determined that your ED has no medical or physical cause, ask to be referred to a good therapist.

Quitting smoking: Smoking has been found to contribute to blockages in the blood vessels.

Protect yourself from crotch injuries: Injuries to the crotch area is one of the leading causes of impotance in younger men, which can be sustained while participating in sports such as cycling, basketball, wrestling, baseball, or any other sport where some sort of contact can be made inadvertently to the player’s crotch. These types of injuries do not heal on their own and require medical attention.

Good diet and nutrition: You are what you eat, and any food or substance you put in your body can affect your health and well being. A balanced diet with all the nutrients is always ideal, and if that’s not always possible, there’s always quality supplements that can promote good health. There are many herbs that are safe and promote good health, such as green tea, echinacea, and horny goat weed. Read the labels, make sure the ingredients are all natural, and take them only as directed. Too much of anything can be detrimental to your health. If your body is not properly nourished and healthy, the ability to get an erection is normally one of the first things to go.