Sex Tips to Address Erectile Dysfunction in Men

What is erectile dysfunction in men?

Erectile dysfunction in men is common and not automatically abnormal. The chances of having low libido and erection problems increases as men becomes older and it can result from both physical and psychological causes. If you are having a hard time sustaining erection in less than 1 in 5 times, it is not something you should be worried about. But if such difficulty lasts for more than half the time, then it is best for you to see a doctor.

Men ages 40 and above are already having difficulty to last longer in bed. An expert once stated that men cannot be successful at all time, but it does not mean you just tip over and give up. Such conditions can now be treated easily.

Can sex positions improve erectile dysfunction in men?

Theoretically speaking, erection is brought about by sufficient blood supply to the penis. A doctor would say that not much evidence or studies revealed that a particular position is much better than another, but it would make sense to state that sex positions that demand the use of bigger muscles will need more blood flow and could lessen those that support your erection.

Some physicians would recommend a sex position with the woman on top for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. But, actual investigations that determined blood flow and heart rate during sexual activity did not find any significant difference as compared with others.

Some experts would like to believe that how you modify your emotions and perceptions about sex is a lot more important than your positions. If you would not treat erectile dysfunction as a chance to go beyond the concept of sex as an activity and begin to work on more essential aspects of it such as intimacy and longing, the position you pick is not going to work no matter how hard you try.

Working Through Erectile Dysfunction in Men

  • Try to increase sexual excitement to combat erectile dysfunction in men.

A lot of things can be done to make a man reach orgasm. For men with erectile dysfunction, a mutual form of masturbation may be more satisfying than the actual sexual activity.

  • Search for the perfect time and venue.

It is more advisable to pick a venue and time to have sexual contact where you can feel calm and stress-free.

  • Try to be more comfortable.

Select a good ambiance to make the sustenance of blood flow easier and eventually improve erectile dysfunction in men.

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