Tips on Long Distance Relationships: What To Do To Keep The Fire Burning

Here are some tips on keeping the fire in a long distance relationship.

Valentine’s day is the most perfect time to spend with your significant other. However, what will you do if you live hours away from each other? Or worse, what if you two are separated by miles of land and water? Lucky for you, there are so many tips on long distance relationships and ways on how you can show your love for each other despite the distance between you. During this day, you can make use of some easy and very affordable tricks to still be together emotionally.

tips on long distance relationshipsIndeed, Valentine’s day is one of the loveliest day of the year. However, it may suck for those who will not get the chance to spend this very special day with their loved ones. This is especially true if you will be seeing other couples dating and making out wherever you go.

It is true that being separated for while can be a good thing for your relationship since you will be given a chance to miss each other and to experience life without your partner. However, such type of relationship requires great effort and you must know the tips on long distance relationships. Even though you know how much you love each other, it is always bets that you make an effort to stay connected.

Make Him Feel Special

–     Send him a package which consists of his favorite chocolates or candies.

–     Send him a postcard saying, ‘I miss you’ or ‘Wishing you were here’. This will make him feel missed and will be assured he is still the one you love.

Use Music

–     In order to let him know how much you miss him and how bad you want to be with him, try creating a Pandora station for him. In the station, include songs and songs of the musicians which you listen to when you feel like being with him. You can try including Ellie Golding’s ‘ Starry Eyed’. Another good song would be ‘You Sexy Thing’ by Hot Chocolate.

Show Him What He’s Missing

–     Send him a calendar which features your most pin-up worthy pictures. You can create one with the use of and

Say it With Cosmo

–     Send him a copy of the famous position book of Cosmo—Cosmo’s Kama Sutra. You can also try highlighting all the positions you want to try the next time you will be seeing each other.

Let Him have Fun

–     The next time your guy and his friends will go out, try calling the bar and send them a round of drinks, paid by you, of course.

Be a Model

–     The next time you will get torned between two dresses, send him a picture of you wearing each dress and let him be the judge. The next time you will be seeing each other, model the dress that he had chosen in front of him.

Be His Sexy Boy-Friend

–     Set up a Skype date one day and play strip poker with him.

Take Advantage of Technology

–     Create a Google+ Account intended just for the both of you. In there, you can share pictures with each other every day. Plus, you can also write love notes and tease each other.

–     E-mail him funny and sweet e-cards.

Make It Romantic

* Create a romantic set-up in your room, complete with the candles and flowers, for a romantic and sexy Skype sex background.

Those are some of the tips on long distance relationships.
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