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Before we further explain what low libido is, let us first define what is libido and how Eros Horny Goat Weed can help you. Libido is the term used to denote the sexual desire/ appetite of an individual. Libido is present in both animals and humans. The only difference is that it is important for animals only for reproduction. On the other hand, it is an essential part of a human’s pleasure. Libido is strongest for males who belong to all species.

How can Eros Horny Goat Weed end low libido?

Libido energy can reduced due to numerous factors, including psychological causes such as stress, fatigue, depression, distraction, body image issues, sexual performance anxiety, childhood trauma, loss of privacy and/or intimacy. Furthermore, environmental factors such as prolonged exposure to elevated sound levels or bright light may also negatively impact libido.

Most often than not, however, libido can be lowered due to physical factors, such as the following:

Testosterone levels: reduced levels of testosterone in the blood stream of both men and women will result in low libido.

Medication: certain prescription medication may have libido reducing side effects.

Weight: being underweight, severely obese or malnourished can lower libido due to disruptions in normal hormone level.

Menstrual cycle: women tend to have heightened libido several days immediately before ovulating.

Lack of sleep: sleep is important for numerous reasons. The body needs time to regenerate and build, much of this is done during sleep. Furthermore the brain sorts through the days events and information, reaffirming useful information for future events. Individuals not getting enough sleep experience low energy and a shorter attention span among other effects.

Eros Goat Weederases the negative effects on your libido by increasing blood flow to your tissues and muscles and increasing your testosterone levels, the hormone responsible for the strength of your libido.

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