Effective Sex Tips from Hollywood Celebrities

Effective Sex Tips from Hollywood Celebrities

Celebrities look like they have it all; even the most pleasing and successful sex lives. From Brad Pitt’s choice of al fresco fumbles to the exciting superhero outfit of Will Smith, the sex tips from Hollywood celebrities can’t help sharing their sure fire secrets.

sex tips from hollywood celebrities

But do any of these unique tips normally work for the general public? Here’s a list of how other celebrities do it exciting and wild.

Sex Tips from Hollywood Celebrities: try wearing a superhero outfit!

Will Smith admitted that after shooting the superhero comedy movie Hancock, he brought home the suit and they use it sometimes, just around home, to make things more exciting.

And so people have tried wearing superhero suits like the famous characters from X-men. Choose your favorite character and be sure that his or her costume will look great on you. This technique gives people a different feeling; they are somebody who is completely different from their old self giving them confidence to shy away from their insecurities and fears. They can act braver and flirtier when wearing superhero costumes during sex plays.

Sex Tips from Hollywood Celebrities: Plan a date weekly

Courtney Coz and David Arquette are planning sex dates at least once a week. David said that married couples, even those who are busy, should plan a date weekly. You need to make extra efforts to make it successful.

Some people were using diaries to squeeze in one night out of their busy schedule. Making couples wait for a few days makes them even more excited and it is effective in boosting their libido. This indeed one of the most exciting tips couples could use to keep the fire burning.

Sex Tips from Hollywood Celebrities: Cook and feed each other Spaghetti

The famous Hollywood actress Halle Berry, who happens to be good in cooking pasta, brings the kitchen to their bedroom. For her, Spaghetti is really hot and sexy, particularly when it is given off the tips of man’s fingers. It adds sensuality!

This can be a funny or messy experience for some but if would really try to incorporate the goal of feeding your partner with Spaghetti, it will surely turn you on, making the two of you crave for more.

Sex tips from Hollywood Celebrities: Go al fresco

One of Hollywood’s hunk actors Brad Pitt said that the secret stone grotto behind the waterfall in his pool is his most favorite place for sex.

Some individuals try to go out for an exciting night. Some do it in the bushes or in any other uncommon places for sex. The thought of being caught by others gives a sexy notion but sometimes it can also make you really uncomfortable. Others are also being forced to it quick. So the best thing to do is to have sex just within the vicinity of your backyard. Perhaps, you’ll find it more exciting in the pool area or in the garden.

Sex Tips from Hollywood Celebrities: Do it in a car

Scarlett Johansson wants to do it in the car. If you really want to make it more pleasing and exciting, take the back seat. For some, the limited space and the thought of doing it not in bed make it more fun and sexy. However, a few people like to go around and do little plays. In these cases, cars are never a good venue because you are being limited to a few positions and movements making it uncomfortable and hassle. Try using bigger cars to enjoy a much more spacious area for sex.

Sex Tips from Hollywood Celebrities: Try going nude under a piece of coat

Famous TV presenter Holly Willoughby likes to plan a hot and exciting date, wearing nothing but just a piece of coat.

Others have tried going to a pub wearing just heels and a coat, while giving people a sexy and daring glare. For some, it is really fun and exciting. It is really effective in boosting people’s libido to a maximum level.

Knowing that your partner is naked beneath that one piece coat could really turn you on. You could not even wait to take it off and start a fiery love making. Some would even not care to finish the party. They instantly head home and make it hot in the bedroom.

Sex Tips from Hollywood Celebrities: Try to wear masks

Katie Price loves to do it with her partner by wearing masks. Why? Because it gives her confidence to do things that she is not comfortable with when not wearing a material to disguise. The use of masks can make things more exciting for your partner will be more confident to try new things. It will not be boring.

Some would also try putting a blindfold instead of using masks. This is really great because you had to use your other senses to feel the passion and excitement.

Sex Tips from Hollywood Celebrities: Speak French

Eva Longoria really exerted an effort to know the language of love to bring her closer to her partner Tony Parker.

This seems to be hard for many couples. It demands too much time and effort to learn a language that is not familiar with you. So what do most couples do is that they speak using the language that they both understand. The point here is, make the act more exciting by being constantly expressing how you feel. Talking while having sex can turn you on. Try to seduce your partner through words, along with the action. This is a sure hit for most couples!

Act like a stripper

The famous actress Katherine Heigl stated that she and her husband are enjoying their sex life ten times greater than it was before. How? They’ve been trying hard to make it more exciting. Among the best tips that she could give is to act like a stripper.

You can take a few glasses of wine before stripping. You and your partner will surely find a good rhythm to go on with the music and do things as sexy and spontaneously as possible. Wear sexy pieces of clothes that are exciting to strip off. Try this and you’ll surely experience a new level of fun.

Sex Tips from Hollywood Celebrities: Office fantasy

Famous actress Jada Smith advises women to try doing new and exciting things to keep the love and spark alive. Try to be sneaky. Do it in the office, bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else, just not in the bedroom.

Plan a fantasy date. Try wearing sexy office attire and make your imaginations work. For sure, this will set a different ambiance and will give you a better mood. Knowing that you are going to have sex makes you more excited, especially when you got a message saying what she would wear and how does she want to look like.


All of these tips may be successful, depending on how you will execute them. When choosing the best way to make your moment more exciting and memorable, try to consider your likes and also if it is convenient.

Remember, you still have to modify a few things to make it suitable for you. What is effective for others may not be good for you. So do a little twist.

So what are you waiting for? Look for the best method that will surely sweep you off your feet. Make it a joyous and pleasurable experience using the sex tips from Hollywood Celebrities.

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