Erectile Dysfunction in Men – How to cope?

Erectile dysfunction in menPatients’ coping mechanism

An excellent way for individuals to come to terms with a personal problem is to find relief and support from identifying somebody else has been through the same situation. It is particularly effective when that association happens to include popular men like Hollywood actors, sports starts, politicians, etc. as it removes the concept of insuperability in these men that are respected all over the world and places normal individuals on an equal status. For whatever explanation, it just makes individuals feel great knowing that some famous personalities have similar concerns.

This coping mechanisms work effectively with people suffering from sexual problems like impotence. Luckily, erectile dysfunction in men is quite common even among famous personalities. In history and now in our current time, a lot of impotence cases have been properly documented.

Erectile dysfunction in menIs it common?

Erectile dysfunction in men does not exempt anyone, regardless of your status in life. Actually, one of the most prominent and most powerful leaders in the past, Napoleon, has been suspected to have suffered from impotence. Most people have mentioned the case that the lack of children between the respected French military leader and his partner Josephine was due to impotence.

Other important characters that may have had episodes of impotence include DH Lawrence and John Ruskin. WC fields, a hard-drinking playwright was also known to suffer from periodic sexual problems like impotence or erectile dysfunction. As to the cause, nothing can be ascertained.

How to treat erectile dysfunction in men

Men these days are much more open about their condition. Actually, a few of them have decided to make money by promoting male enhancement pills like goat weed pills as an effective form of erectile dysfunction cure. You could see the famous senator Bob Dole who is now the leading star of Viagra’s TV ads. Another popular male celebrity that has been very vocal about his episodes of impotence and use sex pills is Hugh Hefner. He has willingly stated that such products have helped him continue living like a strong, young boy.

Not all pills works similarly to all users. Effects may vary from each user. So, it is really important to choose the best product that is appropriate for your needs and present condition. Don’t worry too much; it is now easier to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

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