Check The Label: Don’t Get Fooled By “Natural” Pills That Aren’t Truly Natural

One of the hidden dangers of shopping for reliable male enhancement on the internet are the many brands of herbal sex pills claiming to be the safe “natural” alternatives to Verona and Climinax. This can be dangerous for the millions of men on prescription heart and blood-pressure drugs, where all it takes is one pill to land a trip to the emergency room, and perhaps even risk death.

taking unknown pillsThese so called “all-natural” products claim to be made with natural Chinese herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine, but have been found by regulatory agencies to be spiked with unregulated versions of Verona and Climinax. This can be especially dangerous for patients who take nitrates based drugs that lower blood pressure and treat heart disease. When spiked “natural” pills are unknowingly mixed with prescription blood pressure and heart medication, the victim’s blood flow can slow down to dangerous levels, causing a heart attack or stroke.

At Eros Goat Weed, our ingredient list is transparent and we guarantee that our exclusive formula is only made with the finest natural ingredients. Our product is 100% natural and have no documented side effects, and we are so confident in your satisfaction that we have a 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason. 

consuting a doctorGo ahead and compare us to the other brands claiming to be “all natural”. Our supplements are so powerful that all you need is to take one pill once a week. We always advise seeking the opinion of a medical professional before taking our supplements, because allergies to all natural substances are very common. It is important that you do not take more than the recommended dosage.

You have nothing to lose but the resignation that your best days as a lover are over, and everything to gain.Order today and see for yourself why Eros Goat Weed is the trusted name in natural male enhancement.

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