Best Ways To Handle Early Ejaculation

What are the Best Ways To Handle Early Ejaculation?

Whether you like it or not, it happens to everyone. Yes, even the best of the best of men sometimes experience such embarrassing moment. And leaves you wondering what are the best ways to handle early ejaculation.

best ways to handle early ejaculationYou feel good being with a wonderful women. Things are going great and before you know it, you have already finished your business, in less than one minute. Many things are flashing in your mind right now. What are the best ways to handle early ejaculation? Should you act normal like nothing happened? Laugh? Cry? Or better yet, should you get the hell out of there?

Well, you should take a look at our suggestions before you do anything too drastic. Here are some do’s and don’ts during such situations:

Best Ways to Handle Early Ejaculation

–   Best Ways to Handle Early Ejaculation Tip #1: Laugh. Of course, you can make an attempt to get away with your blooper with a laugh. You can try to make light of the situation by making a joke about it and try it again. If she laughs with you, then it is nothing more than a simple fall. However, if she doesn’t think it’s funny, then you can distract her. Or, you can look for girls that are not as uptight as her.

–   Best Ways to Handle Early Ejaculation Tip #2 Say sorry. There is nothing wrong in apologizing for going ahead first. It is, in fact, a good idea to do that just as long as you don’t do it over the top. Mumbling a simple ‘sorry’ will do. However, dwelling on the fact that it happened will just make your date turned off at you. There is no need for you to profess your declaration of regret. Say sorry then proceed to doing your job—pleasure her.

–    Best Ways to Handle Early Ejaculation Tip #3 Act like nothing happened. Instead of faking ore pretending that nothing happened, try to act like nothing did. Rather than pausing and acknowledging that fact, it is best that you keep doing what you are doing.

–    Best Ways to Handle Early Ejaculation Tip #4 Distract her. After having an early ejaculation, try to concentrate on her pleasure.

–    Best Ways to Handle Early Ejaculation Tip #5 Try it again. Regardless of what your initial reaction is, try to make up with her by starting all over again. If it won’t seem to get up for the second time, try to pleasure her using other methods. You can always try ti again on the morning.

Things to Avoid During Early Ejaculation

–    Pout. Real men don’t pout, only ladies do. It is not a good thing to do during the best of times, much more is it not recommended after premature ejaculation. Truly, having early ejaculation can dishearten you but you should not let this stop you. Act like a man and do it again. If you act immaturely, it is possible that you may not get a second chance. But if you act like a jerk, you may make her feel that it was her fault.

–    Let your embarrassment get the best of you. Panicking will do you no good during such situations. Sure, you will have that strong urge to just get out of there. However, would you really like to leave a poor girl in bed, unsatisfied? Freaking will be a good release but what will happen after you have calmed down? That will just be very awkward for the two of you.

–    Explain. Usually, the instinct of guys would be to tell women that this stuff never happens to them. Well, guess what? It happened just now. So spare her the explanation since there is a chance that she will not believe you plus it may seem like you are too defensive. Girls know that these stuffs happen. No need to explain.

–    Fake like nothing happened. It is much easier to fake an orgasm rather than to fake not having one. After all, there is evidence that you did so faking it is not a good idea which proves that one of the best ways to handle early ejaculation is by being real to it.

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